Helping Organisations, Leaders and Individuals Achieve their Diversity & Inclusion Goals.

With an established history in male-dominated industries, The BCW offers diversity and inclusion (D&I) services to all sectors looking to gain the benefits of a diverse and inclusive culture for both individual and organisation.

The BCW’s breadth of experience and flexibility can support all levels of an organisation with their D&I needs, from executives through to team members and everyone in between.

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Own the Secrets for Succeeding in a Masculine Workplace!

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Rules of The Game

Women in the Masculine Industries

The latest book from The BCW explores the world of engineering, resources and construction from the perspectives of over 50 women and men.

Rules of the Game discusses Unconscious Bias, the Gender Wage Gap, Gender Diversity in Australia, Harassment, Relationships, Understanding Male Dynamics and Strategies for Success as they pertain to the masculine industries of Australia.

Never before has a book presented such an honest account of the realities faced by women in these industries and succinctly delivers recommendations on how to overcome the challenges and make the most of the advantages

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